Friday, January 11, 2008

This is definitely not mine!

So I woke up the other day and found this.....

Ok.....that is NOT the foot I went to sleep with. Even at my heaviest, I did not have cankles. I was prepared for some swelling. But this was not gradual. My feet were lovely and slender and perfectly normal when I went to sleep.

So I sit in my recliner with my feet up every night when I'm at home. I try to elevate when I'm at work whenever I can. I drink so much water my urine is clear. Like so clear you could say "You know you're drunk when your pee is clear...." Oh wait - that might have just been me and Kelli - my bff.

Also - that is totally not MY leg hair! That absolutely must have grown overnight. I haven't been avoiding shaving my legs since before I had them waxed in November. I haven't been waiting on it to grow out so I can get waxed again before delivery. I haven't been avoiding bending over in the shower to shave because my sense of balance and dexterity is completely out the window....noooooo, not at all.

So if anyone knows who this foot belongs to, let me know. It sure as heck isn't mine.

Now if this were my foot, I would take it for a pedicure this weekend just to have a brighter color on my toes. Maybe that will distract from the cankles.


Andi said...

That is not your foot!! LOL

Jessica said...

omg. I wouldn't recognize you if you walked into me. who owns that foot?