Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Things here are as they should be for the holidays.

We had our gift exchanges and let's just say that Santa was very good to us this year. He even found his way to the Coach store.

It was just a nice slow day without too much cooking, but just enough. I love a spiral sliced ham that requires no thought except to warm it up and throw a glaze on. Add sweet potatoes (or yams....whatever they are), green beans almondine a la Marty and some cornbread stuffing and Ta Da! You have a Christmas Dinner! I suppose I should enjoy the fact that this is the last time I will really have to put into cooking my dinner. We all know my focus will be on the kiddies in the future.

We ate at 3:00, had a little dessert around 6:30 and I'm still full. UGH.

Oh - I also called my sister's last night for the big family dinner and talked to almost everyone. I really am a little bummed that I'm not there, but now is a time for my honey and I to begin new family traditions. I have to start somewhere right? I really can't wait.

Merry Christmas everyone and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!!

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Jessica said...

Hey Girlie!
Sounds like you all had a wonderful day over there!! Glad Santa was good to you... Talk to you soon... Hugs!!