Sunday, October 7, 2007

Random update

I had another prenatal appointment on Friday, all is well. They say I have gained 5 lbs to this point, but they weren't tracking that first 5lbs that I gained in the five weeks before my initial prenatal appointment. Hey - I was fresh off Jenny Craig and went a little hogwild. Have I ever mentioned my love of ice cream! No particular flavor, but anything with nuts is a safe bet. I am not crazy about chocolate, it is just too chocolatey. I do like love a hot fudge sundae though. This probably started when I was 15 and my first job was at Dairy Queen.

So, I heard the heartbeat again, the rate is about 150 beats per minute. I guess our little one like to hide a bit. Doc was rolling around and had to go pretty low to find the heartbeat. Last time, baby was about 2" below my bellow button off to the right, but this time he was about 4" straight below my belly button. I am really thinking about renting a doppler for myself. The heartbeat is just a soothing sound. I also thought I felt the baby move on Saturday. I was lying down after my shower and felt something, definitely not those growing pains that I normally have, but haven't felt it since. I was rubbing little circles on my tummy at the time so I will have to try that again. It was a pretty cool feeling, but it was so subtle, I don't know for certain.

So anyhow, progress so far, I am just over 17 wks, have gained about 10 lbs (depending on how you look at it). All bloodwork has been perfectly normal and outlook is pretty darn good.

Now, on to the things to do list. I feel the due date in March getting closer every minute. I have so much to do! Childbirth & breastfeeding class, hospital tour, things to buy, things to clean and organize. Just so so much to do! I look around the house at all that needs to be done and just kinda have a mini freak out session. Then, I realize that everything doesn't have to be perfect and certainly not every child in the world has come into the perfectly organized & prepared home. There are some things that I want done to the house, like the entire place needs repainted, but have conceded that if it doesn't happen now, that certainly isn't the end of the world. I did however manage to get fitted for a bra (yep, been wearing the wrong size for years folks). I also scheduled the big sonogram for later this month.

Let's see, what else.....bought some maternity clothes at Potomac Mills yesterday. This is supposed to be an outlet mall but nothing at Motherhood was any cheaper than any regular old Motherhood store. Oh, and their a/c was out! What person in their right mind would let any pregnant woman suffer like this? Evidently the folks at Motherhood as it wasn't the mall's responsibility to fix and it had been broken since Wednesday. I also have inherited quite a few maternity clothes from a colleague who had all kinds of wintertime stuff. I am also getting a good batch of summer stuff from a friend too. This will be much needed for our vaca to the Caribbean next month. Needless to say, I have been going through things and doing lots of laundry. Get used to it, right?

Oh, and did I mention that I found my first gray hairs?!?!?! I thought it was just the way the light was hitting it at first. My hair is colored and has been for years, but this was one of those little wispy ones right at my hairline, but it wasn't alone. Since Friday, I have found at least 3 friends for it. I am too chicken to pluck it for fear of the old wivestale so I guess I just have to accept it. Could it be a byproduct of hormones or is it just stress that I need to manage better? In addition to the gray hear, a couple weeks ago on my 34th bday, I saw a new wrinkle.

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Anonymous said...

I'm 26 and I have way more than 3 gray hairs on my head... been seeing them since I was 23ish... sucks.