Friday, September 14, 2007

Whew....what a week!

What a busy week I've had! I have been in training all week long. The training was definitely good, but you know how it goes. I had to actually focus and pay attention while at work. I had almost forgotten how much that takes out of you. I suppose when I have those taxing days as a new mommy I will be begging for these types of days again. One evening I even had a business dinner. Oh how I wish I could have had just one glass of wine!!!

Last night I tried a prenatal yoga class. I figure the breathing and increased flexibility couldn't possibly be a bad thing. The teacher is a labor & delivery RN turned stay at home mom. While the stretching and breathing isn't anything I couldn't do on my own, I must say it was nice to be in a room with about 8 other pregnant women. Of course we all want to talk babies. My friends are very supportive but sometimes I wonder if I'm boring them. Also, since I will be at 14 weeks tomorrow, I don't really feel a whole lot going on just yet. But if yoga will help me communicate with my body more effectively and focus during stressful situations this could definitely be beneficial.

And did I mention that my Pookie sent me the lovliest flowers to me today for my bday! Hydrangeas and gerbers and stargazers! The look and smell unbelieveable! I love fresh flowers, every time I look at them I just smile.

Tomorrow I am heading out to the Loudoun/Fairfax Mothers of Multiples consignment sale. Maybe I can pick up some cool baby gear at kick butt prices! See ya later - unless I spend so much tomorrow that I can't pay my internet bill.

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