Monday, September 10, 2007

And the man can cook!

At my request yesterday evening, the man made his world famous red beans and rice. YUM! Ok, maybe it isn't world famous but I think it should be.

He is from Southern Mississippi and in case you folks don't know, these southern folks don't like to share their recipes, with the exception of Paula Deen. We used to call his mom to find out what was in different dishes and her response was "Oh, just a little bit of salt, pepper and Accent". Of course she was leaving a few select ingredients out of the formula. Surely she didn't have about 20 spice jars in her kitchen to only use those three? But no matter - that was Miss Sara and if there ever were an angel on earth, it was this woman.

Fortunately this love of cooking passed on to Rick. When he makes this dish of course we have to start with soaking the beans the night before and it simmers for hours the following day. It really is a Food of Love thing as Emeril would say. I have never had anything like it in the world! Needless to say, I thought they were delicious. And thank god for Zantac (ok'd by the OB). NO reflux to keep me up all night!

Oh - did you know that Michigan lost again this past weekend? The Buckeyes won (of course) as did the Dallas Cowboys. While I could care less about the NFL (overpaid crybabies in my opinion!), the better half is a huge Cowboys fan. T.O. finally did some good!

Woohoo - Go Bucks! Is it wrong that I want something like this to be the coming home outfit?

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Andi said...

We are two lucky girls our Men can cook!! I think it is only fitting that little one comes home dressed like a little Buckeye!

love ya