Thursday, September 27, 2007

Missing in Action - Pookie

I miss my Honey.

He left for LA for work this past Monday. The house is so quiet.....No sounds of him tinkering around in the kitchen looking for dinner because I have boycotted cooking (it's a smell thing). No sounds of him clicking on a guitar while playing Guitar Hero for hours. No burnt smell of solder while he is fixing some loose wire on a joystick. *Sigh*

Then again, the only snoring that can wake me up at night is mine! I have found that I move over to the middle of the bed quite easily and rather enjoy sleeping in the middle of about 8 pillows. Nor do I need to do laundry since I don't have dirty clothes for two - but I'll pay for that one when he returns. I can watch all the cooking and home improvement shows I want without fear that I am boring him to death. I even went to dinner tonight at Damon's all on my lonesome. He doesn't care for Damon's. No toilet seats left up, no socks in the couch. You all get the point.

Did I mention he is having a grand ol' time in LA? He loves to play fighting video games and has gained some notoreity for his skills - yes, he is a geek in case you are wondering. I am a geek lover! Anyway, it appears that with the wonders of the internet, this notoreity has travelled to LA. He really is in his element. I say, get while the gettin's good.

I think I am just jealous because he is having more fun than I am. Then again, I do have a lovely massage scheduled this weekend. And, I baked a cake last night that I don't even have to share with him. I've only had 2 pieces, I swear.

Something I saw today on Today, Zagat guide is going to start rating airlines! Time to let these folks know exactly how you feel. Hey Delta, how about you not offer to move me up to an earlier flight only to have it delayed to depart 10 minutes before my original flight! Oh, and that text message notification, if I could get that BEFORE they board the plane instead of 20 minutes after, that would be great!

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Andi said...

Hey I was just thikin of ya!! Sorry that you are missin Pookie! Love Ya