Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Cow at Daycare

Don't f**king tell me that you're so sorry that you want to kick my kid out and you know this is such a rough time for us right now.  He isn't being malicious, he can't help that he is stronger than the other kids in the class.  He is, however, fighting with other kids over a toy.  I agree he shouldn't take a toy from another kid but you are aware that he is TWO, right? 

He moved to the 3s classroom at your insistance (you are aware he is NOT 3 yet, right?) because he didn't fit in to the mold of what you were looking for in the 2s room and your staff was incapable of managing him and his physical abilities - I believe the words were he is "becoming too much of a force" therefore we were hoping that the 3s room, which is more of an all day preschool curriculum, would be a  better fit.  Notice, key words is hoping.

Again - he is NOT THREE YEARS OLD!  So now, because he doesn't fit in one class or the other, you want to kick him out.  I can't even tour new daycare centers because again - as you are well aware - I AM ON BEDREST.  It isn't like he has had any major changes going on lately.  Oh wait, maybe so, let's check the list:  Again, I am on bed rest, his evening routine has changed, he is on STEROIDS for Reactive Airway Disease, he is in a new classroom with new teachers AND he has a sibling arriving in a month.  No, none of that could possibly make a child act out, right?

Oh, and don't get me started on the fact that you are the 5th Director we have worked with as parents in the last 18 months.  FIVE.  Thanks for the communication folks.  I know there are multiple centers and you guys rotate but how the hell are you not telling parents that there is now a new person in charge?   You tell us you want to kick him out yet you haven't consulted with the behavior specialist.  WTF COW?!?! 

I know Ricky can be a "force."  I am aware my child is not perfect.  What I am not aware of is how typical toddler behavior is forcing him out of the classroom and center.  You haven't called me or my husband during the day to alert us to this behavior.  You choose to bombard us with a behavior report at a 5pm pickup when nobody has the time to discuss.  This is NOT acceptable.  I know you're in a convenient location, but you have been caring for him since he was 18 mos old.   We need to share in the responsibility of what is going on here. 

BTW - he does time out for us at home with no problem, why is it that you are unable to manage him during a time out session?  Oh, yeah, you don't REMOVE HIM FROM THE SITUATION - you expect him to sit in the classroom with everyone running around and having fun around him.   Is it me or does that sound just stupid?

Go screw yourself, we will find another center, because you know - we're itching to make ANOTHER change in his already upside down life.  And honestly, I can't trust you with him now without thinking that you're biased against my child.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.

Pissed off Mama


Tara Dargan said...

Oh Nita, I am so sorry. That seems absolutely ridiculous. And what a horrible time for this to happen. (((((HUGS))))

Vi said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog through I'm sorry to hear about the rough time you're having. Ugh! You'd think that a daycare/preschool would understand how to handle a two year old!

MamaBrooke said...

You have a great blog! I think I would react similarly. You criticize my child out!!!

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