Sunday, February 14, 2010

I ♥ Target.

For real.  Other than the fact that their Up&Up fabric softener made my entire house break out in a rash.

I love that the Target stores around here are expanding their grocery section.  Being the anti-Walmart person that I am, it's a long story, I love the idea of one stop shopping.  Toys, check.  Organic Milk, check.  Diapers, check. Cutesy home decorations and furniture and baskets for every possible thing ever and each and every one makes my heart go pitter pat, check. 

I also love that I can take my kid to Target and let him chase a $2 ball from one side of the store to the other for 45 minutes and wear his butt out.  Without any of the petri dish germs in the mall play area.

I should point out that the roaming toddler in Target was not alone.  Dad was chasing him and making sure that nothing too expensive was broken.  It was fab. 

If that's not love on Valentine's Day, I don't know what is. 

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