Saturday, October 17, 2009

So Much To Say

Do you sometimes have so much swirling around in your head that you don't know where to start?  That's how I feel about my blog right now.  It has been a weird couple of weeks and I don't really know where to start but here goes.

We left for vacation on Sunday, September 27.  We were actually "on" vacation for less than 24 hours when my Mom called.  Grandma had passed.  

It was my worst nightmare.  I even hesitated leaving for vacation because I was so afraid that she would pass while I was gone.  

I should have called Grandma that Sunday while we were driving down to the Outer Banks.  Called her like I normally do when I have a long drive ahead of me.  Lately our conversations hadn't been very long, but I just liked hearing her voice, checking in on her.  But I didn't call.  I had just spoken to her on Friday and knew that Hospice was coming in to talk to her on Monday.  I figured I would call later in the day on Monday and see how it went with the Hospice folks but I never got that chance.

She passed peacefully, in her sleep.  That is all you could ever want for your loved one, right?  No pain?  

I don't think I have ever met a more amazing woman.  She was strong and kind and full of love.  Her love of God and family knew no bounds.  When I think of how the world has changed during her 91 years, it astounds me.

But right now, I find comfort in knowing that she is Home.  She is with friends and family and maybe she is even dropping in on Rick's Mom, telling her about Ricky.

Yeah, that's definitely what she is doing.