Monday, September 14, 2009

The Days Roll By

And they just keep rolling. Today I am 36. Geesh, that sounds old.

I feel so grown up, it's almost surreal. Some days I look around and wonder how I got here. In my head I still think I am that 18 year old gal getting her party on at Purity, trying to get served alcohol under the age of 21, going to school part time, working two jobs and praying that the transmission on her Chevette doesn't go out.

Has anyone around here known me long enough to remember the Chevette? The red one that said "Sport" on the side? Let me tell you, a Chevette Sport is about as cool as a Chevette General Lee. But the good times we had in that Chevette are priceless. Many a chinese fire drill, a trip to grad night, trips back & forth to Kentucky to see my boyfriend, then more trips back and forth to Loudounville (a teeny town in the middle of Ohio) to see another boyfriend. I never could find anyone local. It even went to Cleveland to the U2 concert (without me I might add.) But it was always there, I relied on my Chevette.

And then the days rolled by and life moved on.

Before long I was married and living in California then not much longer after that I was divorced and back in Ohio. And now, D.C. Married. With a son. *Gasp*

But those days, 18 years ago when I had that Chevette, they seem like yesterday. The memories are so vivid, so strong. Every second I owned that car I hated it. It wasn't even the Chevette part that bugged me, it was that it had the nerve to be a"Sport". How dare that car try to be cool?!

But now, in my mind, it really was the perfect car for me. And I wouldn't have my life any other way.

I hope I have 36 more years that are half as good as the first 36 years. Thank you to everyone who made the first 36 years of my life so amazing. Thank you to everyone who has come and went in my life. You are all living on with me, in my heart, in my spirit. You have made me who I am. I am pretty ok with who I am and I know that I owe it all to you.

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