Friday, September 4, 2009

Customer Loyalty?

It seems that there is no such thing these days. New customers, here is the world on a platter. Existing customers, thanks for paying your bill now get out of the way so I can make a sale.


We have Fios. It's cool. The internet speeds are awesome. The HD cable package is pretty good. The customer service, well, let's just say that it isn't their shining star. I am a bit biased because they did some change in their billing system that resulted in me receiving a bill for $1200 a mere four months after I installed my service. A bill that took no less than 20 hours of my personal time to get resolved.

But, I can update my Facebook/Twitter (I don't tweet)/play Sodoku from my cable box.

Have I mentioned I work for the nations second largest cable provider and we can't do this yet? No, I can't get free cable either because we don't provide service where I live. Asinine, yes. I know.

Anyway, Fios. I have been seeing commercials over the last year. Free tv, free laptop, free, free, FREE! I like free. Where's my freebie? I like free stuff. I work hard for my money, I need free stuff.

Ok, I work for my money. The hard part seems to go in spurts depending on workload.

My point. Free. I wanted a freebie. I have been a Fios customer for 3+ years. I have endured botched installs and transfers of service, royally screwed up bills, ignorant "service" representatives and support "specialists", they OWE me.

What did they make me do? I have to disconnect our service, that is in Rick's name, and reinstall in my name, in order to get the promo. This means I have to get rid of all of my existing boxes and stored DVR content and be without service for a day. Yes. No internet for nearly 24 hours! Whatever will I do? It will be like a blackout and I will probably end up pregnant.

And then, 60 days after I am a good paying customer, they will send me a HP/Compaq coupon so I can go to their site and order my shiny, new netbook. I think I want it in pink. I'm pleased about the netbook but not pleased about the lengths I had to go to in order to get it.

Which brings me back to my original question. Is there such a thing as customer loyalty?

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Beth said...

Great post, Nita, and so true. I'm very glad you posted this since our Fios payments are through the roof these days. And I do not own a laptop and REALLY want one. I'm also an extremely loyal Fios customer... therefore I deserve one. =) I'm going to be making a Fios call!!!

On another note.... our pools are open on the weekends until the 3rd week of Sept! Let me
know if you and the little guy want to go swimming next Sunday! =)