Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crap. Literally.

I feel much better. Thanks for asking. Some awesome antibiotics to clear up my first officially diagnosed sinus infection combined with Mucinex and Flonase make for a pretty good cocktail. Although I think the Flonase is making me kind of vertigo-ish. It's still better than coughing non-stop.

Oh, crap. Yeah....crap.

Ricky's crap to be exact.

He pooped. Oh lord did he poop. I was in the living room and saw him in the playroom, assuming his poop stance and making his poop grunting sounds. They were coming off and on so I figured I would let him finish.

Less than ten minutes later I check on him and he is sitting on his PB Anywhere Chair, smearing poo all over the playroom floor. And sitting in it on the chair. So gross. And it was kinda grainy. I dunno why, but it was. Must have been the sweet potatoes last night.

Off to the bath we went. Two baths. One to rinse off the poo, drain & clean the tub. Another one to actually get clean and shampoo his hair without smearing poo all over his head.

He's in bed now. Shirt is soaking. House is poo free once again.

I consider myself lucky that other than a couple minor accidents when he was itty bitty, I made it this far without a major poo incident.

What has life come to when absence of a poo related incident is what it takes to make you smile?


A Buns Life said...

You are lucky indeed!

SNL Photography said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! Happy summer!