Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Awesome Pics

Andrea came over last Sunday to take some pics for Ricky. She also did our family pics we had done last fall (which was on our Christmas card if you received one). You can find a sneak peek of just a couple of the pics on her blog. She has the proofs ready but there are just so many, I can't choose! Once I have those I will see if I can get small digital images to post on the blog - I think I can.

If you are so inclined, while you are on her blog checking out pics of my super cute guy, feel free to leave a comment. I get a discount for every 10 comments that are posted to either one of the sneak peeks she has up.

Pics can be found here and here. I'll wait. Go to her site. Now.


Ok, cool. Thanks. Remember, the bigger the discount, the more prints I can order and send to friends and family. :)


Sonja said...

i just did!

she did a great job.

Andi said...

I went.. Loved the pictures..

Kris said...

I did too!

I just love those cake smash pics. SO cute!