Friday, February 20, 2009

Ricky McSicky

Yeppers. Mr Ricky is also Mr McSicky. I'm not sure what exactly this guy is fighting, but it has caused him to spike a fever a few times.

I dropped him at daycare on Tues, his temp was like 99.2. Not a huge temp, but I gave him some Motrin and took it with as well as the thermometer so they could administer if necessary. The contract says that kids with a fever up to like 100.4 can be in daycare or something like that. Anyway, no Motrin was given and he was kinda "eh" when I picked him up. I didn't really think to check again because when he is really playing and running around a lot he gets pretty warm. His head sweats. It's um, well to me it's weird, but I don't know if this is normal with most kids or not. Anyway, he slept ok on Tues night so we just assumed all was ok.

Weds morning I awoke to the most awful diaper in all the land (very rare, he is not a night time poooper!), another low grade temp of around 99.6 or so. Same routine, drop, Motrin, thermometer, call if you need anything. I called that afternoon around 2:45 and she said he was fine, no fever. He definitely didn't appear to have as much energy, but he was doing ok. A little on the cranky side, things bugging him that normally wouldn't, but all normal for a kid who isn't feeling 100%. I got him home and his temp was 102!!!!! WTF - are you kidding me! So of course, more Motrin. He ate a little bit of dinner, bath then bed. Slept just fine.

Now we're on Thursday. I decided to keep him home just to make sure his temp was managed all day long. I alternated Motrin and Tylenol. He napped, ate a little bit, watched some PBS Sprout Speaking of, he loved Barney. Heaven help me! But that is another post for another day. So we hung out, did some playing, some snuggling (YAY! I miss the snuggles.) and kept the fever away for the most part. Later in the evening we hit around 99.4, but that was all. Overnight he slept fine. The Pediatrician doesn't want to see him since he is not coughing and sleeping ok. Why risk bringing him to the office just to chance exposure to something else, right? This morning, another low grade fever but nothing like it was yesterday. So here we are, home again. He is in the playroom, where he pretty much crashed. Laying on his fluffy stuffed doggy, with his favorite blankie, taking a nap. I think he is on the upswing, but I just wanted to make sure.

Yesterday though, after the fever broke, we had a pretty good time playing a bit. I have a new camera (finally!!!) so I have been snapping pics of random stuff everywhere, even our little guy, while I am getting used to it. Isn't he just the most adorable thing EVER???

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Jessica said...

I'm hoping by today that Ricky McSicky is feeling a lot better... I love the new photos... I just want to squish him!