Friday, January 16, 2009


Cold, cold, go away.

Don't ever come back unless you bring snow.

The low tonight is supposed to be 5. Single digits. It's insanely cold, at least for Northern Va. I am pleased there hasn't been any real precipitation just because well...some of the folks around here aren't so good with the the snow. It is so cold that dogs are wearing shoes and sweaters. Well, maybe not the St Bernard that I see to work every day.

On a positive note, I wasn't able to find anyone willing to freeze their butt off with me (because they are all so lame) and go to the Inaugural Concert at Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. Once in a lifetime opportunity, amazing musicians are performing, every possible awesome celebrity will be there, but hey, it's all good. But honestly, I am secretly saying thank you to everyone who said no. I very much appreciate that now.

A small request of the friends and family and whoever else frequents my blog that is fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate. There is no need to gloat (although I would love to hear from you for any other reason). I remember the warm winters of San Diego quite well. Oh, how I remember them. It's mind over matter right? So right now I will just tell myself that I am walking down dog beach in Del Mar, watching the surfers and dogs play in the water. It's about 65 degrees and just lovely. I can almost *if I squint hard enough* see the sunset.

See, you didn't need to remind me.


girl said...

Hey, I wanted to come... we actually still want to come but the news this morning said something like 2 gazillion people are coming and the highways will be shut down... that's probably not a good deal.. not to mention I am not sure you want me and my naughty monkeys at your house that long, ha! But we shall meet the 14th, right?

Someone just bragged on my blog about the weather. Awesome. I may go kick her ass just to get warm.

Nita said...

BTW - you're not lame. I'm just whining. And really, I am grateful because now I get a FOUR day weekend with my boy!

I could totally handle you and your monkeys, we have gads of stuff to do. I will definitely see you next month and maybe you can come down some other time for a nice visit when the weather warms up and downtown is a bit more tourist friendly.

Beautifully Unique said...

Dude, if I were closer, nah maybe not, lol. It sounds like fun until you mention that cooooold weather. I'd freeze my bajeebers off! Enjoy your long weekend with your boy!

girl said...

Totally coming.. I'll even pay you in pictures... I could use some chubby baby goodness in my portfolio anyway :)