Saturday, November 8, 2008

See Ya Later Alligator.

Maybe we will see an alligator. That is, if we go to the San Diego Zoo.

Yep, you heard me right. San Diego. Tomorrow the family is heading to California. I have to go for work (woohoo free trip to Cali!) and Rick and Ricky will be joining me (woohoo for Amex points!). Rick has sisters in the San Diego & LA area, so he and Ricky will visit with them for a couple days while I am doing the work thing. It will be the first time any of his siblings have had a chance to meet Ricky. We are all so excited.

What I am NOT excited about is the plane ride. Heading out there shouldn't be bad as it will be getting close to Ricky's bedtime when we take off. The return flight worries me a bit. He isn't the most cuddly of kids. He likes to be up and looking around all the time. I love his inquisitive nature but we all know the plane is only so big. Fortunately he isn't the screaming type (did I just jinx myself), but he is definitely the busy type. I pray that the plane has the same effect the car does.

I will make sure to take pictures, although my camera is acting very weird these days so I hope they all come out. Needless to say, blogging will be sporadic at best.

Later folks! Wish us luck!


Girl said...

Have an awesome times. We'll miss you!

Andi said...

You guys have a great time!! I will be praying that your flight goes well.. I'm sure that it will.