Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to the BHC

We are officially members of the Big Head Club. There are quite a few folks in this club from what I gather. Ricky's head is fine, still in the 95th percentile but just fine. To me, this means those stupid head growth charts are way wrong since I have asked like a jillion folks and at least half of them have "big headed kids" but whatever. I'll take the big headed title, I'm ok with that.

In other Ricky news....well so much is going on. His weight today was 22 lbs 15 oz and he is 28 1/2" long. He is on track developmentally, pulling himself up on his knees and getting in to everything in sight! Fortunately the baby gates have been up for almost 2 months now. For the most part, things are cruising along. Speaking of cruising, he is crawling. Just took his real first crawling "steps" a couple days ago. Check out the video, it is so cute. He has that military scoot thing down to a science. And um...sorry for the barf.

We are introducing table foods as well. Since I am doing Jenny Craig, I don't cook much (or at all really) so it has been kinda hard. I overcooked some plain macaroni the other night. He did not like that, nor did he care for scrambled egg yolk. He totally liked boiled egg yolk though. I hope to pick up some avocados this weekend and try those out too. He is raking up Cheerios like a pro. Everything instinctively goes to his mouth but not much makes it in. want to see a video of him eating too? Well goodness, it is so fortunate that I have one right here for you.

I was going through some pics last night and found that there are tons that I really love so I will have to sit down some time and make up a slideshow to share. Until then, these videos will have to do. Enjoy!


Mama2hre said...

Hi! I found your blog via the OSB blog. I have to laugh at your "Big Head Club". My boys (age 8 and 6) have had their "melons" since birth. It's not very noticable now that they are older....until you try to put a pull-over sweatshirt over their melon! Ha-ha! Invest in LOTS of T's, long sleeve T's (the necks stretch for easy on, easy off) and button downs! :) Your little guy is beautiful!

Harmony said...

Lil miss Maggie is a member too - her head has always been off the charts, actually :)