Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Much Going on Over Here.

Seriously, things are just rolling along as usual. Work, daycare, feed & play with Ricky, get some sleep in somewhere, do some laundry, you know the deal.

Ricky is doing great, eating everything in sight then proceeding to spit up on all of those things. After he eats, he insists on scooting around the playroom on his tummy which causes him to spit up. Over and over and over, up to a couple hours after he eats. We have tried smaller meals but then he is still hungry when we finish. He's been doing this little barfy thing for quite some time and since he continues to gain weight, not a concern. Just a pain in the you-know-what to have to clean it all up before he rolls through it. I think he is also dealing with some issues from his second tooth. He has been noticeably stuffy several days this week and even cranky which really isn't like him. He has recently started waking up about 2-3 hours after going to sleep, crying his head off and nothing will soothe him. Part of me thinks he is training us all over again to get a second night time feeding. It might be growing pains, it might be teething pain or gas or anything but of course the only thing that calms him down is a bottle. He goes right back to sleep, before even finishing the bottle.

The new washer/dryer were delivered last Monday. It works great but I haven't seen any magical stain fighting power. I suppose if I didn't let the clothes sit for 3 days and actually rinsed them off right after the stain occurred, that might help. Yesterday I walked in the laundry room wondering why it was so hot and noticed that the dryer exhaust hose had come off. Hot air was blowing directly into the laundry room. If the set weren't stacked we could just move it and connect it ourselves but it's kinda hard so Sears is coming out on Monday. It's also a principle thing - it was JUST installed. I shouldn't have to fix it.

Rick is coming off a week of overnight work. It happens sometimes with his job. Some of the maintenance stuff might be customer impacting and has to be done during the hours when usage is at it's lowest. It really screws with his schedule though, working all nights for a week or so. It really, really screws with him when he is trying to sleep in the morning and although people know he was up until 6:30am working, they still call him at talk about last night's work. He's had like 4 hours of sleep right? Isn't that enough?

I went to Buffalo this week for work and fell off the Jenny Craig wagon for a little less than 2 days. I don't think it did me too bad, I guess we will find out at weigh in next week. I did eat larger meals than normal but I tried to make healthy, balanced choices. I didn't have an opportunity to eat all the snacks that I would normally have during the day so this lead to the larger meals. I forgot to mention, last week I was down another 2.2 lbs which brings the total to 11.2 lbs overall since starting the program. Woohoo!

Until next time.....

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