Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am so excited. I can't wait for it to get here. I really really can't wait. I have been planning this day for weeks. I have been saving up for it actually. There are only four more days left. I'm not counting Monday - that's the day it actually happens so it doesn't count.

What could it be you wonder? My birthday, a visit from a friend/family member, my anniversary....whatever could it be???

Are you ready.....have you waited long enough?

My new washer & dryer are being delivered on Monday. *Insert happy dance here - picture the Snoopy dance*

I have been saving stains for weeks. Everyone says the front loader washers do such a better job and this one got rave reviews. Ricky spits up ALL THE TIME. Clearly not a concern since he's a little piglet. He loves rolling around non stop and refuses to be on his back unless strapped in his bouncy seat or swing, which I won't be using for much longer since the weight limit is 25 lbs. This means that during all the rolling around, especially shortly after eating, spitup is about everywhere. I have stains on everything. I haven't taken the time to use the Shout! or OxyClean in anticipation of giving the washer an opportunity to do it's thing. There are some that are definitely set in that will need some coaxing but like the burp cloths or towels, I haven't really done anything with those. They are all white and I normally just bleach them.

So...if anyone has any stubborn stains you need help with, come on over anytime after next monday and we'll see what we can do.


Jessica said...

I'm just going to make a day of it. I have many loads that need attention, and my back needs love too... Pretty soon, I think you're gonna have yourself a new roommate!!

Christine said...

The new age "HE" washers and dryers are amazing. We've had one here for like 4 years now and we love it.

The only thing that sucks about a new washer/dryer is that the "fun" for you is only for the few seconds that you're selecting all the cycles and options, then you press "start" and the fun ends under the laundry is done. At least with kitchen appliances there's a bit more interaction.

Misty said...

I just saw this and thought of you immediately - something else for you to do a happy dance over: --- scroll down, you'll know when you see it ;)