Thursday, June 12, 2008

My little big boy... Oh Boy!

Ricky is getting so darn big. I took him to the doc today to follow up on a couple things and when they weighed him, he was rockin' that scale to the tune of 13 lbs 14 ounces.


I mean, I knew he had definitely gained weight, he loves to eat. But 3 lbs in 6 weeks - needless to say I was a little surprised. I was guessing he was around 13 lbs, but not darn near 14 lbs yet! While waiting on the Doc to come in we were doing a little tummy time and you know what he did? He rolled over! Yes, he most surely did. Not once, but FOUR times. Of course I took him home to show Daddy and the girls and he made a big fat liar out of me. I do know that I have to swap out that area rug in my living room and definitely get some padding underneath of it or get the little family room off the kitchen converted to "baby playland" pretty soon. He was scooting in circles and all up and down that exam table while at the doctor's office.

I know to some people, this is "just rolling over", but to me, it was amazing. Yes, it is a milestone but I think I found it so amazing mostly I was the first to see it happen. I have been so concerned since returning to work that I will miss out on all of his "firsts" and as a working mother I know I will. It just isn't possible for me to not be working at this time. But it's almost like he waited on me before he did anything because he knew how special it would be for me.

Ugh, sometimes I miss him so much it aches!!! Then I go home and he hears my voice, sees my face and gives me one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. It is almost worth it to be away from him just to see how happy he is when I return.

Can't I just hit the lottery or something? I don't need millions, just enough to get out from under the mortgage will do. Then I can stay home. That would be lovely.

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Karen said...

First of all, that's a big baby!! My girls are 16 pounds and they're 9 months old! (Sam's a chunker at 18 pounds, but even he's only in the 25-30th percentile!) Ricky's only 3 months and he's almost 14 pounds?!? When my babies were 3 months they were less than 7 pounds! I have NO sense of perspective left! :)

Second of all, I totally understand not wanting to work and miss out on all those milestones. I was HOME the first time one of my babies rolled over and I STILL missed it!! But you know? The first time I saw it, it was still MY first time. :)