Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So long Grandma....

*Sniff* Grandma left today. We already miss her. She was so good at singing to the little one and giving me a well needed break. I think we are going to have to fly her out every other month or so for a week just to give me a mental health vacation. Besides, she was able to see all of her other grandchildren grow up back in Ohio. I would hate to have her miss out on too much of our little guy growing up.

While Grandma was here, she did the things that Grandma's do. She cooked for us, made sure I had coffee every morning, helped me with trips to the grocery store and all that other stuff that you just have no idea becomes an "event" when you have an infant. Basically, she took care of her little girl (that's me in case you're wondering).

Since Pookie has returned to work, his schedule has been very demanding. Until things slow down for him, which won't be for a few weeks, I have taken the night shift. It isn't so bad because the baby goes back to sleep fairly quickly for the most part (watch me jinx myself here) and Pookie comes home from work and gives me a break for about 5 hours in the evening so I can sleep and get a couple things done. The routine thus far has been that when Grandma gets up in the morning, I go back to bed to get another hour or two of sleep.

Needless to say, I will definitely miss having Grandma here. It was a little getting used to at first, just having someone else in the house. Pookie and I are used to running around in our underwear a little too much perhaps so there was an adjustment period, but she was definitely a huge help to me and I know she enjoyed spending time with the newest addition to the family.

Take care Grandma. We miss you already.....see you soon!

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Jessica said...

Oh Nita! I'm so sorry your Mom had to head out! I hope you guys enjoyed your time together... I know I certainly enjoyed finally meeting your Momma!!
Talk to you soon!!