Sunday, January 27, 2008

Somebody stop me!

I am so inspired by the new paint job that I can't stop. Somebody please stop me! I have a baby on the way, I can't start doing every single little thing around the house. The Visa people (and Pookie) will kill me if I buy everything I want to buy.

Overall, the place is in great shape. When we bought our townhome, we made sure that all the "big things" - furnace & a/c, water heater, roof, kitchen remodeled with new appliances - were done. We had a kick butt home inspector that found the roof issues that their inspector had missed 2 years prior. Darn....they had to spend another 6k to unload the place.

So, the laundry list of items to be done are all fairly small yet contribute to the little accents around the home that every woman notices. Maybe this is why when I tell Pookie the other work I want to do, the response is usually along the lines of "WHY do we want to do this? All of these things work just fine." I keep telling him that the things are ugly and that's why, besides wives notice these things and when we want to sell the place in 5 years or so, it will totally be worth it.

Included on the list are: six panel doors with new cool lever doorknobs, bathroom cabinet knobs, bathroom faucets & hardware, refinish bathroom cabinets (anything to avoid replacing our not normal sized vanities) & bathroom mirrors. Ultimately, the big things remaining are to replace the existing very weathered and splintered deck, build a fence around our little patch of space & refinish the hardwood floors.

So, just for kicks I did a search on doorknobs. I need 15 that come to a grand total of nearly $400. I did find a website where I can save about $40 or so. I mean, they are doorknobs, they aren't the hardest thing in the world to replace. I'm sure I can manage that & the bathroom hardware myself but man, things are adding up QUICK!

On the up side, the nursery is completely cleared out, baby furniture is coming next Saturday and then I will be in nursery set up mode. I will be so busy getting that stuff set up and making sure I have what what we need that I will be completely distracted by my quirky little home accents. Although, I have started a spreadsheet. Perhaps I should consider a career in Project Management.....

Here's one pic of the finished dining room. The wall behind the china cabinet is a slightly darker color so you aren't seeing things. Also, have you noticed the lovely crown moulding? Like my terra cotta walls in the kitchen?


Andi said...

Lookin good!! I think you are in full nesting mode!! LOL

Jessica said...

I want to marry that room.

Christine said...

That looks awesome, seriously. Men don't seem to realize it unless they are realtors but silly little touches like that can totally make someone want to buy your house over someone else's. People notice it, even if it's just subconsciously, that if you've taken care of details like that, that you've taken care of all the other non-visible details like maintenance of appliances, roof, etc.