Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do babies in utero have a sense of smell?

I swear this one does.

I have tried to research this on the net and some sites totally overlook the sense of smell while others say "senses such as sight, touch, smell are developing...." which is still totally vague and doesn't give me a definitive answer.

The only reason I say that my little bean can smell is because every time his dad cooks, he goes CRAZY. Pookie cooks 3 signature dishes: red beans & rice, spaghetti & beef stew. They all are "food of love" dishes and take several hours of careful watching. Sometimes I'm not even allowed in the kitchen and I love every second of it. He loves to cook (I think it reminds him of his mom and home) and I love to have food cooked for me. It's absolutely wonderful!

The aroma of these meals permeate the entire house and most of the time I can even smell the meal outside the front door. Well, who doesn't love a home that has the welcoming fragrance of a home cooked meal? I will say with 100% certainty that every single time Pookie cooks, this little bean goes absolutely crazy. He knows that something good is coming his way very soon.

So, the question is, is it my sense of smell (the one sense I couldn't live without I think) that is sending the messages to him? Are we bonded in a way that he can literally read my mind, not to mention my nose? Or is it his sense of smell that is getting him all excited? I know when his dad smells some good cooking, he can't stay away.

This little one isn't out yet and is already getting more and more like his dad. Have I mentioned every time I have the laptop out, he starts jumping around? Just like dad (the engineer), he gets excited around electronics, especially those with a network connection.

Dang.....(burp) that was some good beef stew.


Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

very nice a blog :)

Vidness said...

In all fairness, that was some pretty boss stew :)