Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Belly Pic - 22 weeks 5 days

Ok, here is the first official belly pic. Several have been asking, I really think I just look fat so I have been a little hesitant. I didn't have a significant amount of belly poppage until a about 3 weeks ago, thus the delay. I will try to post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in the future.

FYI - take it easy on me, I am aware I look closer to death than life. I took this the first night we arrived for vaca and after 6+ hours on planes, being up since 3:30 am and having been on one of the most adventurous shuttle rides (these St Lucian's are crazy on the roads!). I will be much more glamorous in future postings. My take on it is, my hair isn't frizzy from the humidity - it is full of volume! Oh yeah, you think I'm looking a little shiny from the oily skin, well that is just maternal glow!!

I'm quite certain I will have many more days like this after the baby arrives.

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andi said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!